Professional Development



Everyday Music in the Classroom

K-12 teachers learn to incorporate singing and songwriting into their classroom.


Participants explore vocal technique, rhythm, and rhyme, to create and perform their original songs. They will explore the basic music structure of familiar melodies and learn how to deconstruct and use those melodies to compose original lyrics for and with students. They will also learn basic vocal techniques used in singing, recitation, oratory and theatre to build and preserve the performance voice.

Classroom Management

Teachers will learn effective voice and stage techniques, which are used to improve presence, focus, concentration, vocal delivery, expression and intent. These include warm-ups, stretches, vocal exercises, creating tableaus and using proper breath support and how these tools can be used in classroom management.


The program demonstrates and teaches how core curriculum, vocabulary, poetry, journaling, and storytelling, are used to create song lyrics. Teachers may use curriculum concepts from math, grammar, social studies, language arts and history, and compose lyrics that teach these concepts through the mnemonic device of music and rhythm.

Single two-hour and multiple session theater and vocal techniques programs are available
and will be designed to fit the needs of participants.

For more information or to book Everyday Music in the Classroom please call 626-357-9156