Mission Nutrition: The Musical
The Night Harry Stopped Smoking
Adventures in Song and Story
Operetta! A World Tour

1Mission Nutrition: The Musical

Appropriate for grades K-5


The numberless Agent Zero and the student audience are secret agents in training.  On special assignment from the Chief of the Nutrition Control Unit (NCU), their mission is to help Little Missy return to living a healthy lifestyle.  Along the way they meet Sweetie Puffs, a singing sugary snack, and the apathetic teenager, Sally Slacker. Agent Zero is depending upon the student audience to help solve problems, overcome obstacles, and give advice to Little Missy.

Along with Agent Zero, our secret agent students teach Little Missy how to make healthy food choices. The students and Agent Zero successfully accomplish their mission and become full-fledged agents for the NCU. Their success in rescuing Little Missy from an unhealthful lifestyle results in Zero becoming Agent 001 – a real agent number!

In this highly engaging, musical assembly, the student audience will:

  • Actively use MyPlate when making food choices.
  • Learn the importance of snacking on fruits and vegetables.
  • Use labels to determine calorie, sugar and fat content.
  • Identify the “hype” companies use to entice us to buy sugary products.
  • See the positive effects of an hour of daily physical activity.

Health Education Standards (Skills) include:

  • Analyzing Nutrition Influences (standard 2).
  • Accessing Valid Nutrition Information (standard 3).
  • Decision Making for Nutrition Choices (standard 5).
  • Practicing Nutrition-Enhancing Behaviors (standard 7).
  • Interpersonal Communication about Nutrition (standard 4).

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2Tobacco Education Assembly: The Night Harry Stopped Smoking

Appropriate for grades 2-6.

The Night Harry Stopped Smoking Performance

The Night Harry Stopped Smoking Performance

The Night Harry Stopped Smoking is the story of Harry McGlaughlin’s dream. One night after finishing his last cigarette of the day, Harry falls asleep and dreams he is transported to a very dirty place with strange creatures living in it. When he asks them where he is, they tell him he has awakened inside his own lung.

While in his lung, Harry meets two nerve cells, two ciliary cells, and a group of alveoli (four of which are played by students selected from the audience). They explain to Harry that smoking has made it impossible for them to do their jobs. After swimming through his blood vessels to visit his heart, “Pumper”, Harry begins to realize that all the parts of his body work very hard to keep him healthy. He decides that it is his job to help them by never smoking another cigarette.

“From the moment the presentation started, we knew that we had hit a home run! The students as well as the staff members were all captivated by the performers and the message that they were delivering.” –Eader Elementary PTA

“I learned that you should never smoke.”
–Kevin, 5th grade

For more information or to book a performance please call 626-357-9156

3Adventures in Song and Story

Appropriate for Grades K-6
Three Little Maids performance on stage women in kimonos with fansHansel and Gretel performance on stage with actors and children

Adventures in Song and Story is a musical assembly that uses familiar fairy tales and stories as a way to introduce children to operas, musicals and operetta. This two-person show is fully costumed, fast paced, engaging and educational.
Adventures in Song and Story acquaints children with three very popular vocal music art forms in an approachable, fun way.

In this live, musical performance, children will:

  • Learn a dance with Hansel and Gretel.
  • Meet the Three Little Maids from the Mikado
  • Lament with the dear, sweet, evil stepsisters because Cinderella stole their prince.
  • Meet Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.

Both of these musical assemblies:

  • Are perfect for in school assemblies, library and family night performances.
  • Involve student volunteers and lots of audience participation.

For more information or to book a performance please call 626-357-9156

4Operetta! A World Tour

Appropriate for Grades K-6
Operetta! A World Tour: Singer in 18th Century costume with microphone.Operetta! A World Tour Singers performing Offenbach

In Operetta! A World Tour, delightful and comic characters come alive in this elaborately costumed, multi-cultural revue from the beautiful Viennese Waltz to the fiery Spanish Zarzuela. This high-spirited, light-hearted tour through the world of operetta is sure to enchant and spark the imagination of young audiences.

In this two person, musical assembly, students will:

  • Meet Little Buttercup from Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore.
  • Dance a Viennese Waltz with the Merry Widow.
  • Hear a beautiful Zarzuela (operetta from Spain)
  • See two widows, from The Lantern Marriage, fight over the same man.
  • Sing a very famous Italian Street Song from Naughty Marietta.

Operetta a World Tour is:

  • A great introduction to a light form of opera
  • Perfect for in school assemblies, library and family night performances
  • Highly engaging and Involves student volunteers and audience participation

For more information or to book a performance please call 626-357-9156